6 Proven Methods To Reach Your Target Audience And Turn Them To Paying Fans

reach your target audience

Building a thriving high income smart career is about making great impressions on your target audience.

Some of us for a long time have been trying to do that, but unfortunately with the wrong audience.

I did that.

For most years, i was making useful posts on Facebook;  Sharing content that would help and inspire.

That’s where the problem is ‘I was sharing content for anybody’

And people (anybody) would always commend me. “Oh Richard, i see your posts on Facebook’, they are good.

In order to build your brand and the smart career, understand that you don’t create things for ‘anybody’.

You should create things for that audience that’d value your content so much that they’d pay you for more.

Don’t think you’re not in this for business… It’s the business of your passion.

You need to become conscious of your target audience. “Clarity is Bae o”, as Queen Esohe would say.

Their problems, age bracket, the kind of work they do and life they live, the kind of life they want.

When you are clear about this, create for them.

Yes you have 4000+ friends on Facebook, but not all of them are your target audience.

Some of us even write to impress other thought leaders. Will they put cash in your pocket?

Create for your audience only, and your testimonies will find their way to the ears of thought leaders.

So how do you impress the right audience? Answer these questions.

  1. How much do i know about them?

You should have key information as their age bracket, needs and desires, location etc. I call this audience profiling.

This helps you to create content that resonates with them. It also gives them the impression that you really understand them.

  1. Where can i meet them in large number?

You want a place where it’ll be easy to find them in large numbers. If I’m creating a product for undergraduates, the easiest place would be to go to tertiary institution. If it’s for entrepreneurs, I’d be on the look out for business events like conferences and workshops.

There are also Facebook groups on various topics that have large amount of members.

  1. How best can you get their attention?

Gaining attention is the first step to attracting your target audience, and there are a ton of resources out there that make this easy.

You could run Facebook ads and give out an irresistible incentive (e.g. A free eBook), or produce a flyer

Note that your aim is to make them decide to work with you, or at least stay in touch.

Your business card also plays a major role here cialis generika preis. Make it count.

  1. How best can i periodically communicate value to them?

People want to trust you before they can buy what you’re offering, so you should afford them that opportunity.

You do this by inviting them to your blog or a regular event that you host. Most importantly, encourage them to subscribe to your mailing list or join your Facebook Group where you share greater valuable content with them.

Invite them to platforms that help you acquire and retain the privilege of serving them with greater content anytime you want.

  1. What best can i serve them?

Decide what you want to share with them on a regular basis at your events, blog or mailing list.

Make sure it is something tailored to their needs and not what you feel they want. Ask them

  1. Do they understand and value what i do through all your contact channels? (Facebook, events, business card etc.)

Sometimes, people follow you but still don’t exactly understand what you do or how you can help them. So be as clear as possible.

State in clear terms what you do, who you serve, and results you give.

Here is mine “I’m a life coach and I help individuals and entrepreneurs discover, develop and deploy their passions and ideas to build high income businesses”

You can refine this according to audiences you meet. If I’m in a student gathering, it’ll be something like “I’m a life coach and I help entrepreneurial students discover, develop and deploy their passions and ideas to build high income businesses”

Answer these rightly and your audience will chase you with money in their hands.

Question: Which method are you using to reach your target audience and how effective has it been?