5 Reasons Why Nigerian Businesses Should Go Online

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Hello there! We are now in the ICT era. Fact is that almost every little transaction today will require an internet service in some way. From exam enrollments, to bank transactions, job applications etc. a lot of services have now become internet driven.

Those who provide this services (agencies, schools etc.) have become aware of the great opportunities the internet provides in making their work effective and efficient.

Today, in Nigeria’s business world, not so many business owners are aware of this fact, probably due to ignorance and lack of enlightenment.

What benefit will the electronics dealer on the street derive from launching his business online; or the fashion designer who just started her business; or the event planner who is looking for new clients? Let me share 5 reasons why your business should be Internet Driven.

  1. Let The World Know About You

This benefit is only for a business owner who desires to promote their business beyond the boundaries of one location. I believe you are such a person and that’s why you’re still reading.

It could take you years to establish your business beyond your city or state without the internet, but with the internet well integrated into your market strategy, your business could expand beyond boundaries in weeks.

The most essential way to achieve this is by hosting your own professional website. This helps you to easily communicate to a wider audience the type of products and services you offer and how you can easily be contacted. You never know where your next big client will come from.

  1. Nigerian Businesses Are Going Social, So Should Yours!

According to http://www.cp-africa.com, there are over 11 million Nigerians on Facebook. The rate at which small business are integrating social media in their marketing has grown rapidly.

Here is the principle – over 70% of your potential customers either have a Facebook or Twitter account and probably using it daily, so go there and meet them. Don’t wait for them to come to you, take your business to them.

Facebook have granted small businesses this opportunity by introducing Facebook Pages. Your company could have her own Facebook page and encourage clients or potential clients to like the page. This enables you to easily give feedback to inquiries and also receive comments from you customers about your product and services.

  1. Increase Your sales Through E-Payment

E-payment transaction is still very unpopular in Nigeria. This is because cash remains the preferred medium for payment in the country. Even at that, companies like Jumia, Konga etc. have made great success with this payment method. People continue to buy online from their website with VISA or MASTERCARD (your normal ATM Card).

An internet Driven business makes it easy for your customers to order for your products from your website without the stress of going to bank.

You however have to ensure you have a competent and trusted online payment processor to manage your orders, i would recommend VoguePay or even SimplePay. But do your own research before choosing anyone of these.

  1. Cheap Marketing For High Returns

This one huge advantage of the internet i love so much. Marketing has never been this easy, cheap and fast in bring back great returns. New trends such as Bulk SMS and Pay Per Click advertising has really grown in its usage.

Bulk SMS enables you to instantly send special offers, information about your products and services to the mobile phone of thousands of people by SMS; at a crazily cheap price.

This other new trend called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is relatively new in Nigeria’s small scale business world. If you want to see PPC ads in action, look out for those ads that appear by the right when your make searches on Google or when you log in to your Facebook profile.

You can launch some of those adverts to promote your business and they are very cheap; just a few cents for each click on the ads. Google calls her PPC program ‘Google Adwords’.

  1. Networking Opportunities

The Internet has created a global community. Years back, you will have to join a local chamber of commerce or some kind of corporative society in order to meet potential clients or exchange ideas with fellow entrepreneurs.

The advent of discussion forums, chat rooms and even socia media websites has taken networking to a whole new level.

A person in New Delhi India can now exchange legitimate business ideas or advice with a fellow entrepreneur in Lagos. You don’t have to be ignorant about this trend, because it will deny you so much opportunities. Why not take your business online today?