3 Profound Tips To Become A Positive Thinker

become a positive thinker

“If you want to achieve your highest aspirations and overcome the greatest challenges, identify and apply the principle and natural law that governs the result you seek.” – Stephen Covey

This is a very profound statement.

One of the natural laws of success is  to become a positive thinker.

I’ve learned that the resources and circumstances that makes success easily attainable, also makes it easily impossible to attain. It all depends on how you see and think it.

In the tyranny of Adolph Hitler, had Winston Churchill not stood up to him and seen victory for Great Britain even when almost all of Europe had fallen under Hitler’s intimidation, we would have been telling a different story today.

Churchill Vs Hitler

A terrible one.

In the midst of a “failing economy”, what do you see?

When you’re sacked from your place of work, what do you see?

When a customer complains of your poor quality product or service, what do you see?

Life will always respond to your thinking. We are all products of our thoughts. Yet it doesn’t take extra energy to think positive.

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Since you’re going to think, why not not think positive.

Powerful Benefits Of Positive Thinking

  1. You Recognise Faces Among Racial Lines

This is research backed evidence. I’ve never been very good at recognising faces, but I know I’m getting better at it. Thinking positive thoughts allows you to respond cheerfully to people around you. And when you are cheerful, you make more friends and it’s easier to recognise a friend’s face.

  1. You Become A People Person:

Don’t you love to be round individuals who always seem to have positive things to say? People love to be around them, no matter how they try to pretend about it.

It is like one magic way to attract people to your self. People need motivation. The news is field with so much negative stories, and people need some words of assurance and hope.

Had Winston Churchill not given his words of assurance, Europe would have become another of Hitler’s conquered territories.

  1. You Attract Vision Supporters

Part of the people you attract to yourself are those who’d want to invest in you and your vision. Your mind is a strong force that can attract or repel. And positive people have a way of sniffing beautiful minds.

If you’re a speaker, people will call you more to inspire their audience. If you’re a mum, your mum-friends will come to your for advice on their kids and often recommend you to their friends.

For a lot of people, shifting from mostly negative thoughts to positive can be a big hurdle, but here are 3 ways to help yourself:

  1. Decide to be a positive thinker

Most of the breakthrough we’ve heard of happened as a result of someone’s decision to make it happen.

This not one of the things you wish for. No! You decide it. A lot of intentionality has to go into it. Tell yourself as many times as possible that “you’ve decided to be a positive thinker”.

This means that when you go through seemingly negative experiences, instead of feeling downcast, look for the good side and be happy for it.

  1. Change Your Words & Thoughts

A lot of us are default negative thinkers. That’s because the humans are evolutionarily wired with a negativity bias.

Don’t always expect things to turn out negative. Previous bad experiences have a way of making us expect the worse and easily slide into depression, but don’t let yourself think that way. You’ve got to be in control of your thoughts.

  1. Change Your Environment:

The places you go and the people you meet will always rob off on you. Instead of spending your weekend time on TV watching news of wars and killings, read a good a book or attend that weekend seminar you’ve always ignored. There you can meet new people.

What kind of friends do you surround yourself with? You’ve probably been asked this question a million times, but how much have you done about it?

Who do you chat with on Whatsapp and Facebook? What do you discuss?

  1. Determine What’s At Stake: Think of all you have to lose or have lost by thinking negative. Seriously, what have you gained from it? I’ve never heard of anyone that achieved lasting success by thinking he couldn’t achieve it.

For most fathers, they’ve lost a good relationship with their kids because they always responded negatively to them. Most sales representatives have failed to close sales because they didn’t put up a positive attitude.

Don’t be that person.

You have more power than you think. You can control a large part of your life for goof by just being more positive about them, and it all starts from your thoughts.

Question: What other suggestions do you have for people who want to become positive thinkers?