Utilizing Your Social Media Platform

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It’s normal these days for you to get on your social media platform and your brain is blank on what to post.
Any one – whether as a company, a coach or consultant, a non-profit organisation etc. – that is serious about
utilizing social media to grow their brand and increase followership must come up with content that is brimming
with creativity and variety. This can be a daunting task for many. In this episode of This Is Your Wealth Podcast,
I share with you 10 kinds of Social Media Content you could post to keep your community engaged.

On This Episode, You will Learn:

1. How to come up with Fresh content for social media content
2. How to get your community engaged with your content
3. The tools i use to schedule my social media posts
4. How recognition given to another person on your  social media platform can help grow your influence
5. The importance of sharing resources and how it can influence your social media following
6. Gains of sharing your thoughts and personal stuff (vulnerability).

Enjoy Additional Resources:

1. Hootsuite – A social media management service i use to schedule posts to Facebook.
2. Tweetdeck – A twitter management service i use to schedule posts to twitter

3. Tribes – We Need You To Lead Us by Seth Godin (Buy from Amazon – affiliate link)

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